"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
-André Gide

Monday, November 9, 2009

High Tides and Flooded Grass

After the long wait for my truck to finally get out of the shop and no plans for the weekend I decided to kill two birds with one stone. The plan was to leave Kyle as soon as I got out of class on Thursday and head to Houston to pick up my truck, and swing by Clint's place to pick up a kayak that he graciously let me borrow for the weekend because I had no means of bringing a kayak with me. I originally planned to fish as much as possible during the time I was going to be down there which was originally supposed to be Monday or Tuesday. I ended up leaving earlier than I anticipated because I was supposed to have a flag football playoff game Sunday evening that was later cancelled due to the rain. I’m actually glad that I left when I did though because the wind picked up on Sunday and the tides where still way above normal which would have made fishing tough.

With the tides running way above normal in Galveston, I knew it was going to be difficult to locate fish. Fishing during these conditions has not been very productive for me up to this point because from my experience it scatters the fish and puts them in areas their normally not accustomed to being. I got on the water a little later than I wanted to on Friday and fished hard through the morning hours without much to show for my efforts. Baitfish activity was plentiful but I only managed a few bites and I suspect the high tides had something to do with. I've fished this spot quite a few times before and I have never seen the tide that high before. From past experiences I've had my best success here when a strong falling tide sucks all of the baitfish out of the marsh while the reds take advantage of shallow hunting grounds for an easy meal. The tide was falling almost the entire time I was there. But even with a strong falling tide and around two feet of vertical water movement I didn't see a whole lot of fish until the latter part of the day when the tide was at its lowest point. The low tide was still higher than most of the high tides I've experienced in this area. I finished the day with only a few fish including a solid 25" red that I sight casted to throwing a pearl white Gulp shrimp. I also sight casted to a decent size black drum, which was a first for me on a lure.

The next day I had plans to meet up and fish with Clint and Vincent on a location later to be determined. After a long day on the water from sunup to almost sundown and covering over seven miles of water, I gave Clint a call and he filled me in on the details of the trip that Clint, Vincent, and Dustin had planned for Saturday. Once I heard the details I knew I had to get in on this trip. I have talked with other friends on many occasions about making this trip but it never materialized up to this point. I wasn’t only excited about the trip but from my experience fishing with these guys I always seem to learn something new because of the wealth of knowledge these guys possess and the fishing tales they have accumulated over the years are sure to keep someone entertain even when the fishing is slow. The plan was a very long drift down much of West Galveston Bay fishing every cove along the way by starting at Pirates Cove and ending at Sea Isle. The start of the day was pretty productive with each of catching numerous trout along with scattered redfish. We spent a little too much time in the first cove so in order to make up time we decided to skip the next cove and high tail it to the one after. We caught fish in nearly every cove that we fished but the action seemed to slow down after the start of the day. We ended up catching an abundance of trout, some redfish, and one flounder between the four of us. A majority of our fish came on topwaters due to the overcast skies with some coming on various soft plastics in one to three feet of water. According to my calculations were covered approximately 11 miles of water on Saturday. I want to thank Clint again for being so generous and allowing me to borrow his kayak for the weekend and inviting me to tag along for this trip. It was a fun couple of days on the water and I can’t wait for the winter season to get here so we can chase some big, fat trout.